Insurance Claims

 If you have been in an auto accident, call us for a tow and we can help you file your insurance claim. Golden's Body Shop in Oxford NY is your one stop shop for hassle free insurance claims and repairs. We work with  insurance agencies to make this a worry free  process for everyone. While your car is being repaired we have rental cars available for your convenience.

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Service And Repair

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have a loaner car I can borrow while my vehicle is being fixed?

No, We are sorry but our insurance doesn't allow us to loan out cars. 

Do you have a Rental Car I can rent while my vehicle is being serviced?

Yes, We have a large fleet of rental cars available for your convenience at a competative price!! 

Do you Rebuild Engines or Transmissions?

No. We replace Engines and Transmissions but we do NOT rebuild them. Give us a Call to check our salvage yard for a used Engine or Transmission. We can swap it out for you!

Can I make an appointment to have my vehicle serviced?

Absolutely!! We can usually get you in for service or repair in 24-48 hours.

I've been in an accident, do you work with insurance companies?

We most certainly can! Give us a call we can get you back into your drivers seat in no time!

I need my car worked on but it won't run can you tow my car?

We can definitely do that for you!! We have 2 tow truck available for 24 hour emergency and non-emergency roadside assistance!